Everyone has an interesting story. No matter how big or small, our lives are made up of experiences that shape not only us, but generations to come. Memory Keeper Project is here to help record those experiences and ensure they are never forgotten!

How It Works:

  1. Fill out the form. Tell us a little about the story you wish to record. It can be your story or a relative’s. If you’re wondering where to start, we are looking for stories about relationships, raising children, careers, military, challenges, gratitude, and faith. But we also welcome ideas outside of this list.
  2. Memory Keeper Project records the story. In order to truly capture the heart of the story, MKP records all stories in-person and will fly to your town to accomplish this. Founder, Vicky Beal will record footage and photos of you or your loved one sharing their story. Then MKP writers will take the video and create a fleshed out version of the story that will appear on the site.
  3. The story is published on the Memory Keeper website. A finished MKP story includes video footage, a photo gallery, and a written narrative.

Contact Vicky at vbeal@memorykeeperproject.com for any further questions or concerns.

Happy memory keeping!


**Find out more about how the Memory Keeper Project works on our FAQ page**

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