1. How do you collect stories?

The Memory Keeper Project believes strongly that a good story comes from an intimate connection. In order to do this, MKP will travel to the storyteller’s home base, or wherever is most comfortable for them, to record the story in person. By doing this, not only is a story captured, but the essence of your loved one is vividly conveyed.

2. Where does MKP travel to?

Currently we are working on collecting stories within North America. Down the road we hope to expand to represent stories from other countries and cultures.

3. What does a typical session entail?

Video: Because each person is different, each session varies. MKP works with those who have never told their story before and others who have shared it many times. 2-3 hours is given to those who need more time and roughly 90 minutes for those who are ready to go. MKP puts a priority on comfort and will spend time getting to know the storyteller, talking through their concerns and making them feel at ease. Only when they are relaxed enough will MKP begin filming and they can start to tell their story. It is more of a conversation than a one-sided recording.

Photos: During your session, MKP will take several photos, depending on the comfort level of the storyteller. Photos will include headshots taken right after the story is told, as well as other organic shots.

4. What does the completed MKP project look like?

Your finished story will include an edited video of roughly 15-45 minutes in length, 10-25 edited photos (raw files sent upon request), and a written account of the story, roughly 3-4 pages.

5. What does the entire package cost?

2-3 hours of filming……$800.00

  • 30-45 minute edited video
  • Headshots/still photos
  • Written story

90 minutes of filming…..$550.00

  • 15-20 minute edited video

  • Headshots/still photos

  • Written story

     NOTE:  Prices can be adjusted for facilities that schedule groups of 3 or more people.

6. Will I get to see the story before it is published?

Yes. Nothing will be published on the website until permission has been given by the storyteller and/or family member(s) in charge.